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Literacy Council Launches Crowdfunding Campaign: ESL & Reading Strategies for Parents

The Kern Literacy Council has created a crowdfunding campaign to increase the breadth of our Parent ESL & Reading Strategies for their Children program.

This campaign looks to add to the program funded by the Women's of Girls' Fund of the Kern Community Foundation, which donated $15,000 to bring our program to six Bakersfield City School District elementary school sites.

The program teaches ESL to parents, as well as reading strategies to help them read to, and with, their children. The schools are allowing 15 - 20 of parent/child reading time during school. This reading is under the close observation of the Literacy Council.

Children's books are purchased to give to the parents to create a reading library at home. We require they keep a reading log that is shown to us each tutoring session.

Rice University has published a startling study showing that children who live in poverty hear 30,000,000 less words by the age of four than children living in an upper income home. Each of the school sites are in low socioeconomic areas.

It is also known that children who have engaged families in their education perform better. So, this is about more than reading; it is about successful outcomes of children in education.

Thus, I ask you to help fund this program to get us into more schools providing a powerful tool to help them succeed! To donate you can go to

Jeff Nickell, MA, Executive Director Kern Adult Literacy Council


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